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Welcome to the Forest History Society of Ontario's publications database. The purpose of the database is to gather in one place a list of all publications relevant to our mandate. A publication includes text, audio or visual items that have been published formally, or are unpublished manuscripts, or have been published as a journal article, a newspaper article or on the web.

If you know of publications that are suitable for our directory, please use the forms below to add them to our database.

Please note that our process allows you to submit a maximum of 5 publications at a time. If you have more than five publications to submit, you need to repeat the process. If you have many more publications to submit you can contact us about other ways to submit the information to the directory.

The process is fairly straightforward - the submitter fills out page one and then chooses to submit this publication or submit more publications. When all publication information is completed for one to five publications, the submitter then clicks on the "Save and Go to Submission Page" button. This will take the submitter to the "Submit Publications" page, where the information entered can be reviewed before being submitted.

The submitter can choose to include contact information or not, as desired. If contact information is submitted, then the submitter receives an email confirming that the publications have been published. Contact information may be of help to the FHSO in cases where there are questions related to the publication.

Once the information is submitted an email notification is sent to an FHSO representative informing them that new submissions are ready for review. Once reviewed the FHSO will then publish the data to the publications directory.

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