An Updated (1967 - 2017) History of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry


Ontario and Canada are marking the 150th anniversary of Confederation this year (2017). The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is taking part in this celebration by highlighting its proud tradition of conserving Ontario’s natural resources, and helping to build the province and the country. 

As part of this anniversary celebration, the ministry commissioned Laurentian University to produce a series of articles that describes the scope of the ministry’s work over the past 50 years.  Under the direction of Professor Mark Kuhlberg, several post-graduate students have written the articles.  The articles were reviewed by both current and former MNRF staff.   They provide an interesting and informative overview of the wide range of activities undertaken by the ministry over the past fifty years.

These articles build on the history of government management of Ontario Crown lands and forests as documented in the centennial of Canada publication commissioned by John Robarts, Premier of Ontario, in 1967, titled “Renewing Nature’s Wealth”.


Evolving Roles

Forests and Forest Management

Wildlife Management

Fish Management

Crown Lands and Waters Management

Ontario Provincial Parks 

Enforcement Program

Far North


Natural Hazards

Relations with First Nations


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