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Swedish Forest History Annual Report for 2020

Annual report of the Swedish History Society for the year 2020.


Logging in the Black and White Lake Watersheds

A report by J.D. Buchan, 1972, describing the logging history of the Black and White Lake watersheds in the pre-mechanization era, 1890 - 1950, in preparation for the development of a logging exhibit at White Lake Provincial Park.


Eastern Ontario Model Forest Videos on Forestry (May 9/2018)

Trees, Youth, Our Future is a two-part series that tells the story of forest stewardship in Ontario and encourages the next generation of leaders to embrace it.

The first episode, “The Road to Sustainability”, explores the history of our relationship with the forests – from being home to Indigenous peoples to being an obstacle to settlement for Europeans. It looks at the evolution from exploitation to stewardship, culminating in Ontario becoming a world leader in sustainable forest management. It can be viewed at

The second episode, “New Forests, New Stewards, A Road Forward”, delves deeper into sustainable forest management on Crown and private lands and in urban forests, while highlighting challenges faced by Ontario’s forests and opportunities for youth to get involved. It is available at


New Archives Information - Forestry Slides Taken by Professor Ken Armson (1954 - 1999)


Professor Ken Armson (Faculty of Forestory, University of Toronto) took thousands of slides on various aspects of forests and forestry in Ontario, Canada and other parts of the world during his career.   His slide collection, comprising over four thousand slides, is housed in the Archives at Lakehead University. The collection includes slides on various aspects of Geology, Soils, Roots, Silviculture, Fire, Forest Management, Land Use and Archaeology.  Descriptions of the slides are now available online at Lakehead University.  Access to the slides is open to members of Lakehead University (staff and students)  and others from outside the university. For outside access, requests should be sent to Sara Janes, Archivist, Lakehead University (  Slides or prints can be used with acknowledgement of source and ownership.


Acorns from Vimy Ridge

Oak trees planted from acorns that came from Vimy Ridge are going to provide trees to be planted back at Vimy Ridge. Two stories in the Toronto Star describe how the acorns came to Canada and the effforts to send them back to Vimy.

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